Rev. Tim Kuepfer

In our week together, conversations together with Muslims, Catholics, Jewish youth, Sikhs, Mormons and Hare Krishna adherents were frank, generous, and thoughtful. We even had an extended conversation about the nature and meaning of "judgment," and how religious leaders can generously disagree without condemning those whom they disagree with.
Participating in the inter-faith Conference in Vancouver gave me a greater appreciation for the many faiths that make Canada, the cultural and religious mosaic that it is. I also walked away with a renewed gratefulness of my own faith. It has encouraged me to question but to also research, in order to have a more full understanding of this country and the people within it.

Mickenzie Kinahan

Kathleen Muir

The use of faith that I witnessed as part of this project was uniform. Although we all came from different places and communities, we are all committed to helping others.
I found the meetings to be quite educational and a welcome opportunity to continue to learn about each other as neighbors in Canada.

Rev. John Boyd